UTVFX Graphics | Custom Side by Side Graphics Pricing

With UTVFX you get the most control over your graphics kits pricing and components. Using our designer and custom checkout process, you can control which printed graphics you want to pay for and which you don't. So, if you just want a partial graphics kit, it's no problem! You can select just one or all options on the checkout page.

Body Kits: $299.00 (USD)

  • Our side by side body kit coverage includes graphics for the hood, front fenders, and rear fenders. Body kits start at $299.00 (USD).

Door Kits:

  • Tons of factory and aftermarket doors exist for every side by side and we do our best to offer as many options as we can. That being said, prices can and will vary by style, manufacturer, and the number of doors on your machine. Pricing and options available for each model can be seen on the products pages or during checkout. 
  • Don't see your doors listed at checkout? Contact us at 586-786-9851.

Extra Coverage & Accessories: 

  • Rocker Panel Coverage: $99.00 - $199.00 (prices vary by model and number of doors)
  • Roof Coverage: $149.00 - $199.00 (prices vary by model)
  • Application Kit: $23.00
  • Logos: $10 each (can be added to any order at checkout)

One-Off Custom Designed Side by Side Graphics: $200.00 Deposit

  • If you have your own idea for a graphics kit and want to get it custom designed by one of our professional graphic designers we require a $200 deposit which will pay for the designers time and up to 5 revisions of the graphics. 
  • Keep in mind complete custom designs have a longer lead time and require a significant time investment from our design crew. During our busy season (Oct-Feb) the typical wait time for a custom graphics kit is anywhere from 1-3 weeks for an initial design proof.

Start designing your one-off custom side by side graphics by filling out our form here: Custom UTV Graphics Kit Form