UTVFX Graphics | Side-by-Sides Wrap Options and Pricing

Body Kit Coverage: $299 - $399 (USD)

Body coverage is available on all models we offer and includes the HoodFront Fender, and Rear Fender graphics on most side-by-sides we offer. 

Rocker Panel Coverage: $99 - $199

Rocker Panel coverage option includes both the right and left lower sides of the UTV as shown below. Most of these are precision cut to fit perfectly but some may require additional trimming to account for the gas cap or any added accessories.

Door Coverage: $99 - $499

Door coverage options can vary widely based on which doors you specifically have on your side-by-side. We do our best to offer as many door options and coverage as we can. Generally we will have custom made templates for almost all OEM door kits and several of the ProArmor aftermarket doors as well. However, if you do not see an option for your specific doors at checkout feel free to call us at (586) 786-9851 or email us at info@utvfxgraphics.com to request yours.

Roof Coverage: $99 - $199

Roof coverage options are available on select models and in most cases are offered for both OEM plastic and aluminum styles. Don't see a roof option for your model? Request it from us: (586) 786-9851 or info@utvfxgraphics.com

Add-Ons and Extras:
  • Application Kit: $30.00
  • Logos: $10 each (can be added during the checkout process; a proof will be emailed to you for approval within 1-5 business days)
  • Metal Flake Overlay$100.00 (adds a metallic shimmer to any side-by-side wrap)
  • Halo Flake Overlay: $100.00 (adds a colorful metallic shimmer to any side-by-side wrap)

Aftermarket Plastics and Modifications:

All of our side-by-side templates are custom made in-house and precision-cut to fit OEM models and factory plastics only. We cannot guarantee our wraps to fit any modified UTV's or aftermarket plastics. If you have made any modifications or have installed any aftermarket plastics please list them in the "notes" section at checkout or contact us before ordering at (586) 786-9851 to make sure we will be able to accommodate.

Choose Your Graphics Finish:

UTVFX Graphics offers 2 different over-laminate (finish) options on all side-x-side wraps; Gloss or Matte Finish

Gloss is included standard on orders but all wraps have the option of Matte (Flat) Finish at checkout. UTVFX is the only side-by-side wrap brand to offer matte finish free of charge to our customers. 

Both Gloss and Matte over-laminate options are ultra-durable 10mil thick material. These over-laminates are specifically engineered for power sports use. A perfect balance of protection and flexibility is why this laminate is trusted by the world's premiere decal manufacturers and why UTVFX wraps hold up better than the competition. The choice is yours.

One-Off Custom Designed Side-by-Side Wraps: Starting at $599.00

If you have your own idea for a custom side-x-side wrap our professional graphic design team can make it a reality. One-off custom designs start at $599.00 for the Body Kit coverage and vary based on coverage and complexity of the graphics. We will work with you on your custom design until you are 100% happy.

Please keep in mind complete custom designs have a longer lead time and require a significant time investment from our design crew. During our busy season (Sept-Feb) the typical wait time for a custom UTV wrap is anywhere from 1-3 weeks for an initial design proof.

Start designing your one-off custom side-x-side wrap by filling out our form here: Custom Wrap Design Form